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Rules & Regulations
  1. Students should be punctual and be on their seats before the bell rings for the assembly session.
  2. After the assembly is over, they should return back to their respective classes in an orderly way.
  3. Every student shall wish the principal, the teachers and other superiors.
  4. The school properties should not be damaged.
  5. Writing on the walls is filthy habbit & punishable.
  6. No students will be allowed to leave the school campus during school hours without the permission granted by the principal.
  7. Normally, no leave of absence is granted except on medical/genuine grounds.
  8. For proceeding on leave, an application duly signed by the parents/ guardians will have to be submitted in advance.
  9. Late arrival will be recorded in the late record page of the diary and signed by the class-teacher.
Guidelines to the Parents/ Guardians

1. Encourage children to respect their teachers, superiors and parents/ guardians.
2. Please contact teachers through the principal if your child has problems.
3. Be realistic; try to assess the capacity and ability of your child.
4. Please pay your attention to your child celebrate their success.
5. Come to meet the principal if you are not satisfied with the progress of your ward.

In order to have proper development of the child, the parents are requested to co-operate as under:-
(a) Please check either your child is in proper cleaned uniform or having his books & pencil etc. in school bag.
(b) Please see the progress report and sign after.
(c) School fee should be paid in time.
(d) Meet your teachers at least once in a month to exchange your views with them.

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